Long Island rabbi's children 'step up' to defend Israel

Instead of running from danger, Menachem Mendel Kravitsky is facing it head-on. The Great Neck native’s IDF military training was cut short after the Hamas terror attacks earlier this month. His induction ceremony turned into immediate deployment.

Menachem’s father Rabbi Osher Kravitsky has been watching his son’s bravery from afar.

His wife, Sarah who was in Israel during the attacks, extended her stay to help those in need.

"We’re two halves of one soul," Rabbi Kravitsky said. "She was boots on the ground and I got financial support through my congregation, through my students and even strangers. She turned the money into provisions to deliver it to them."


Israel launches 400 strikes across Gaza, where health officials say hundreds of Palestinians killed

The Health Ministry in Gaza says hundreds of people were killed in the past day as a result of Israeli airstrikes. Israel has been striking Gaza since Hamas militants attacked southern Israeli towns on Oct. 7.

Two of their younger sons were also in Israel - making these pictures to support the soldiers.

From nearly 6,000 miles away, Rabbi Kravitsky continues to do his part by bringing the community together to contribute in any way they can.

As the rabbi puts light pushes away darkness and all good thoughts, words, and deeds go a long way.