Long Island police inspector to retire after 48 years

A police official on Long Island who has served almost half a century in uniform is about to take his well-deserved retirement.

Inspector Harold Jantzen of the Suffolk County Police Department's Fourth Precinct will retire on Wednesday after 48 years on the job, authorities said.

Jantzen, who goes by "Hal," joined the department on Feb. 15, 1971, and went on to serve in more than 20 commands, officials said. Most notably, he spent a decade as the commanding officer of the Marine Bureau.

The inspector's final post—the Fourth Precinct—is where his late brother started his police career. John Jantzen was killed in the line of duty in 1991.

Jantzen's final walkout is scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 30, at 3:30 p.m. at the Fourth Precinct in Smithtown. His brothers and sisters in blue, family, and friends are expected to line up outside the station house to honor him.