Long Island police departments seek drones

The Nassau County and Suffolk County police departments soon hope to have a new eye in the sky: a drone. They call it a necessary tool to help protect the people and fight crime.

Nassau acting Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter says the department has started filing paperwork with the FAA. He says a drone gives police a bird's-eye view without anyone knowing.

Suffolk County Chief of Police Stuart Cameron says it can also cut down on the amount of time a road is closed for investigation after a car accident. A drone or unmanned aerial system would complement other safety measures already in place.

It is not clear for takeoff. Civil liberties groups say it raises new privacy concerns about any technology that can capture personal data. They say before it moves forward they want to make sure clear safeguards are put in place. 

Police drones start at $3,000. The FAA issued new rules including flying at a max altitude limit of 400 feet.