Long Island man charged after wielding knife at neighbor's door: VIDEO

A Long Island man has been arrested and charged after he was caught on surveillance video banging on the door of a home on Long Island with an apparent meat cleaver.

Security camera video captures a man who police identify as 62-year-old Edmond Yoon using the knife to knock on his neighbor's door this Wednesday. 

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Yoon was arrested shortly after the incident and charged with menacing.

This isn't the first incident involving Yoon. According to Michael Levy, the neighbor targeted by Yoon, Levy's fiancee filed a report last summer after Yoon allegedly recorded her while yelling obscenities.

Neighbors say Yoon has broken an apartment window as well.

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Emails and calls from Levy to Fairfield, the apartment landlord who owns properties across Long Island, have not been returned. 

"It's scary especially at night when I have to go to work and I'm not home to protect my fiancée and son," Levy said. "It makes it worse when the company isn't getting back to me about anything to help."

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FOX 5 NY attempted to contact the leasing office on Friday, but no-one was there. When we called Fairfield for comment, we were hung up on.

Levy's lease is up in August but Levy says he wants out sooner and without financial penalties.

"This has been going on for two years since we moved in," he said. "We love it here but there is one person who ruins it for everyone else."

Levy says he filed a restraining order. He says he would consider moving to another Fairfield property but first he wants to hear back from management.