Long Island kids visit rescued horses

The trail has turned over a few miles to bring wild mustangs to Long Island. Callie and Valor are being given a second chance and a new home. Under a federal program to manage the population of mustangs, horses like these are put up for adoption.

Linda Kramer is president of the Kaeli Kramer Foundation, named in honor of her daughter, who was an avid equestrian and animal advocate.

Callie and Valor now call the Holtsville Ecology Site in Brookhaven, Long Island their home. Animal lover Kellei Burke takes care of the horses.

With lots of love and patience they've come a long way. They're certainly not as shy.

The horses have a marking on their necks. This is either a freeze-dried branding or tattoo from the U.S. Bureau of Land management. It identifies the region the horse came from and what year it was rescued.

An adoring audience of 30 kids learned all about the horses. The students even got to listen to a pony's heartbeat.

The Kaeli Kramer Foundation hopes to teach young children to make kind choices. They say it starts by setting a good example.