Long Island ice cream shop named best in NY

Snowflake Ice Cream Shoppe has been serving deliciousness by the scoop for nearly seven decades.

The shop has a spot on a nationwide list according to Travel + Leisure magazine as the best ice cream in New York State.

"We really care what we're doing. It's a passion. Our ingredients cost us a real lot more than other shops but we're proud about what we make," said Owner Stu Feldschuh.

They make dozens and dozens of flavors - many of the ingredients locally sourced from the east end of Long Island. Despite the rain, there's still a revolving door of customers. Regulars say that's typical especially since they serve as many as 1,000 cups a day!

Snowflake always features a flavor of the week. School Lunch is in honor of the new school year - on the menu peanut butter ice cream with a weave of grape jelly.

It's a perfect spot to get your last licks of summer!