Long Island enthusiast's motorcycle collection

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When you meet Joe Buzzetta of Long Island, in his soft spoken deliberate style you might miss something. But if you listen closely, you'll find Buzzetta is essentially the Neil deGrasse Tyson of motorcycles. And his devotion is clear through his collection of rare and vintage bikes.

Even Joe admits it's hard to keep track of his ever-growing collection. He says he has 40 bikes and 9 cars.

We probably don't need Joe to figure out why people love motorcycles: the thrill, the speed, the danger. Perhaps because his father was a race car driver himself, Joe was just 11 years old when gifted his first motorcycle.

He scours shows and the internet as if he's on an archeological dig. The results of which he walked us through, covering decades of history. With each motorcycle, Joe's mind works like a catalog.

So many are worthy of highlighting, like the Motto Guzi made for cops. And the stunning Paul Smart caught our eye with is blue green frame.

This labor of love requires each motorcycle get fired up, maintained and taken out regularly.

About the only part we were qualified to do was to dress up and see how it feels. And it feels good. I got to admit, though. In Joe's collection, it can be hard to tell what's old and what's new.

For Joe, bringing all these pieces together, showing them on his own dime, and inviting others who are addicted to motorcycles to his church of sorts feeds another reason for his obsession, that of community.

The gift of friendships is one thing he's gotten in return. Motorcycles and riders like Joe share a fundamental characteristic: they put themselves out there.

If you ever get to see Joe out in the wind, maybe you'll notice more than a man on a motorcycle but a passion for a sport that revs from within.