Long Island doctor needs new kidney

Life has been a long, hard journey for Dr. Hetty Chung. At 17 she was diagnosed with lupus, which led to kidney failure at 26. But it didn't stop her from getting her medical degree. She is now a 44-year-old OB/GYN on Long Island.

When Chung was in her 20s, her younger sister donated a kidney to her. It wasn't a perfect match, but the transplant did buy her nearly 20 more years of life. During that time she had the chance to create her angel: her daughter, Isabella, 3. But now this doctor, who has delivered more than 1,000 babies, needs a kidney once more. 

After mentioning on Facebook that Fox 5 would visit her New Hyde Park practice, she says people came forward with interest in being potential donors.  

Dr. Chung says what many people may not know is that you only need one good kidney to lead a completely normal life.

She also says a national transplant list exists. If you do donate a kidney but later in life need a new one, you automatically move to the top of the recipient list.

For more information on kidney donations or to see if you're an eligible donor, check out these websites: