Long Island couple indicted over 14-month-old son's overdose death

A Long Island couple has been indicted in connection with the overdose death of their 14-month-old son. 

Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney calls fatal fentanyl overdoses a crisis in the county. As adult deaths continue to rise, he says accidental overdoses of young children will too. 

Baby Joseph Adonis was one day shy of turning 14 months old when he died in January, prosecutors said.

"In 2022 alone we had 399 fentanyl overdoses," Tierney said. 

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On Monday, Joseph’s parents, Wilkens Adonis, and Daryllee Leibrock pleaded not guilty to new charges, including manslaughter. 

The two were originally arrested in connection to their son’s death after police found deadly drugs on a chair, residue on a nightstand, and in a drawer along with loaded guns.

Those charges weren’t bail-eligible in New York, but now that the DA’s office has the toxicology report - it’s clear the baby ingested a lethal cocktail of drugs allegedly handled by his parents.

"The child's DNA was found in close proximity to the drug packaging found in the defendants bedroom," Tierney said.

Tierney says drug charges even before their son was born weren’t bail-eligible either. He’s calling for common sense changes.

A couple who appeared to be related to the case left court without commenting. 

Adonis’ attorney, Matthew Tuohy said his client denies the drugs were his.

"Right now he's maintaining his innocence on these charges," he said. "He saying he's not the cause of the child's death."

A judge ordered both defendants held on $500,000 cash after their arraignments Monday. They're due back in court next month.