Long Island community starts lost pet alert system

When Socrates, a 2-year-old Llewellin setter, ran away last year, Patricia Mumford relied on her community to help find him. She got a call from someone who saw the dog, gave her the address, and she found him. Hopefully he learned his lesson but if anyone else's pet goes missing, the Village of East Hills on Long Island has a new Pet Alert program in place to save valuable time.

East Hills Trustee Stacey Siegel came up with the idea that's similar to an Amber Alert. If a pet runs away, residents can call security or fill out a form on the village's website. The preliminary search starts in minutes. A pert alert goes into play. After an hour, social media is used.

Siegel says that hour gives the owner time to make sure their pet isn't close by. E-mail blasts are sent out, flyers are distributed in the area and village security will be on the lookout.

The owner is responsible for printing costs and any reward they want to offer. But the time -- from board members and community residents --is all done on a volunteer basis.

Residents will be also be notified when the lost pet is found.