Local boy saves mother's life

Police are calling a 7-year-old boy a hero after he helped save his mother’s life.

On Friday, Rocco Regalbuto's mother Danielle suffered a life-threatening medical emergency when she began struggling to breathe and remain conscious. Rocco’s quick thinking and 9-1-1 call got his mother to the hospital. She is now in stable condition.

Rocco was honored by the Burlington County Freeholders for his ability to stay calm and get his mother the help she needed.

Fox 29 sat down with Rocco and his mother at their Marlton home as they recalled that frightening morning just a few days ago.

“I couldn’t breathe,” Danielle said. “I was in and out of consciousness. It wasn’t pleasant.”

Rocco quickly grabbed the phone.

“First I thought I needed to call Daddy,” Rocco said. “But Daddy was at work. Then I knew to call 9-1-1.”

Rocco stayed on the line with dispatchers while Police and Fire personnel rushed to the scene.

On Wednesday night, Rocco met Wade Stein, the operator on the other end of that 9-1-1 call. Stein praised Rocco’s calm demeanor, especially at such a young age.

Rocco’s father Jay also had words of praise for his son.

"I'm just really, really happy for him,” Jay said. “It's something that was a bad situation. He kept so cool and calm."

Rocco's Mom says all of their emergency drills paid off big.

"It's what you hope and pray every day when you teach your children: 9-1-1,” Danielle said.

Police say this could have ended tragically if the boy had not reacted quickly and called 9-1-1.

The Evesham Township Police Department posted a picture with the boy on their Facebook page commenting his “Superman Hat in the picture is very fitting.”

Rocco also tells Fox 29 that when he grows up, he may just want to be a police officer.