Little boy granted dream of being police officer for a day

Brendan Davies is 7 years old and, for at least a day, he got to be a police officer.

When Brendan was just 1 year old, he underwent a heart transplant. Last year, Brendan was diagnosed with cancer. Brendan’s mom said he missed out on a lot last summer, and all he wanted to do was hang out with some police officers. 

The police in Peoria, Arizona were more than happy to make Brendan’s dream a reality. Brendan got his own uniform, rode in a patrol car, talked to dispatch on the radio, and met plenty of officers.

“I got to do a police tour and I actually got handcuffs,” he told Fox 10 Phoenix.

And although Brendan was a police officer on this day, he’s got his sights set on a lot more he wants to do and be.

“Firefighters, nurse, police officer, construction, cleaning up garbage,” he said.

If Brendan’s performance as a police officer is any sign, he’ll be brilliant at those jobs, too.