Lightning strikes 5 in Poughkeepsie

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Lightning hit 5 people in Mansion Square Park in Poughkeepsie, New York. (Courtesy of Michael Shanley)

Lightning apparently struck five people who were in a park in Poughkeepsie Friday afternoon, officials said.

When cops, firefighters, and medics arrived at Mansion Square Park, they found three unresponsive people and two conscious but injured people, police said. Responders performed CPR on the unresponsive victims. All were hospitalized.

"Everyone in this group had been sitting or standing together on or near a park bench that was on the north side of the park," police said in a news release. "Two eye witnesses report seeing a bolt of lightning strike near the group and saw articles near the people burning and smoking."

Police said anyone with more information about what happened should call 845-451-7577.