Lifeguard shortage looms as city prepares for Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is here, marking the unofficial start of the summer. 

The weather is expected to be sunny this weekend with highs near 80. That means people will likely be flocking to the beach.   


NYC weather forecast: Plan your perfect Memorial Day weekend

Right now, New York's Memorial Day weekend weather forecast is looking good across the tri-state area.

However, there is a shortage of city lifeguards again this year. 

During a council meeting earlier this week, the Department of Parks and Recreation Commissioner said the city only has 500 guards ready to work. 

Their goal is to have 1,400. 

Last year they only had 900. 

The guards watch the water at 100 indoor and outdoor pools across the city along with 14 miles of city beaches.  

Last year, pay was increased to $21 an hour for first and second year lifeguards.

City beaches officially open Saturday, May 27 at 10 AM to 6 PM. 

They close for the season on Sunday, September 10. 

As for the pools, they open at the end of June.