Life Stories: 98-year-old Vivian Cherry

At 98 years young, Vivian Cherry is living her best life. Though it is always fun to reminisce. 
"I started dancing when I was 5 years old,” she tells us. 

Vivian has had quite the journey and it started while she danced in clubs and on the big stage back in the 1940's. 

"I danced on Broadway for Show Boat and Sadie Thompson. Show Boat lasted a year and Sadie Thompson 6 months." 

She then had a brief stint creating jewelry, using all kinds of equipment, which she still preserves at her Murray Hill home. But it was back in her 20s when she started working as a photographer’s assistant in a darkroom that would determine the rest of her life.

"I didn't know anything about the other side of a photograph because I was working on being photographed dancing. Cameras were very scarce and working as a printer in the darkroom, there were very few women,” said Cherry.

This pioneer learned how to use a camera and went on to publish four books-- all filled with meaningful pictures she captured over the span of about 50 years. She even just displayed her work at an exhibit here in New York City this past May. 

As if four books are not enough, Vivian still has a lot more up her sleeve. She’s determined to keep working. In fact, she says she has thousands of photos that have yet to be published.”

"My future goal is just working. I found that I didn't feel 98, I felt like I was a person again and it's exciting to make books."

And another book is in the works for this ageless woman who shows no sign of slowing down.