Lew's View: New York City is going to pot

New York City is going to pot. Literally and figuratively. Since the day Mayor Bill de Blasio forced his police commissioner to infamously hold up a bag of fake dope, New Yorkers have taken it as an invitation to light up whenever and wherever they like.

Just this week, Commissioner Bill Bratton stumbled upon a young school girl "happily puffing away" as she headed to class at 8:30 in the morning. Bratton's detail gave the girl a verbal spanking, confiscated her weed and sent her on way to school.

I walk in the city every day and it seems to me that there has been increase in the amount of marijuana smoke I smell out on the street.

Many other issues we have in New York City reflect this sort of zoned out, carefree attitude. Take Times Square as an example, which has become a circus.

Look at what is happening to our schools. As the New York Post points out, the city continues to spend money on recess coaches in playgrounds to teach kids how to play, while the mayor continues to drag his feet on producing suitable space for effective charter schools.

De Blasio has also been traveling the country to advance his progressive agenda committee. And did you know that he is using money from his slush fund called Campaign for One New York to finance this committee?

I'm no Joe Friday, however I don't think it is so far out that I see a link between pot smoking in the streets and a mayor on his way to Iowa to promote a national agenda when we would all be better served if he focused his efforts on issues here at home.

Lew Leone is the vice president and general manager of WNYW-FOX 5. He is taking to the airwaves with his thoughts on current affairs. It's called "Lew's View."