Lewis Howes teaches greatness

In his brand new book "The School of Greatness," Lewis Howes lays out his eight guidelines for living bigger, loving deeper, and leaving a legacy. An arena football player, Howes suffered a career-ending injury. At 24, he found himself broke and living on his sister's couch.

Howes says he spent a year and a half struggling to figure out what to do, until he finally attached to one thing that he had some interest and passion in: LinkedIn. The networking site was relatively new at the time, and Howes saw it as a way to connect with other influencers, reach out, and find other opportunities. By age 30, Howes leveraged his skills on LinkedIn into a multi-million dollar online media business-which he sold.

Howes now has a School of Greatness podcast that gets nearly a million downloads each month, where he talks to experts and influencers at the top of their industries.

So what does it take to build a successful brand? Howes says you have to focus on a few things, and in his opinion, it's all about quality content, consistent content and quality of design.

Howes also says you have to create a vision. It can be as simple as what you want to do this year, what kind of relationship do you want, what kind of income do you want to make, what do you want your health to look like. Get clear first on what you want, then you can figure out the steps it will take to get there.

Howes also believes that you shouldn't try to go it alone. Find mentors and people to guide you along the way. He believes you need support from people who have already been there, who can tell you the lessons to help you get there, and give you both the feedback and criticism you need to move forward.

Another key component: out-hustle the competition. Howes says those who hustle, who are working hard, and who dive for the loose balls in life are the people the coach always wants on the team and the business person always wants to do deals with.

Does all of this sound like a lot right now? Howes says start with something as simple as making your bed. You'll start your day with your life in order.