Brooklyn's iconic 'Lenny's Pizza' closes after more than 40 years

The iconic "Saturday Night Fever" pizzeria in Bensonhurst Brooklyn made its last pie on Sunday.

Frank Giordano, the 77-year-old owner of Lenny’s, says "I feel 20 years young," but that it was time for him to move on.

Frank Giordano, the owner, on his last day at ‘Lenny’s Pizza.'

Giordano bought the restaurant 40 years ago after it appeared in the hit movie ‘Saturday Night Fever’ starring John Travolta. 

In the movie, Travolta's character, Tony Manero, orders a double decker slice (one slice on top of the other), and wolfs it down while jamming to "Stayin' Alive."

Since then, Lenny's has become a neighborhood favorite and a phenomenon for those visiting the area. 

Loyal customers, family, and friends all showed up Sunday to show their support, and try to get their hands on one last slice. 

Frank Giordano, the 77-year-old owner of Lenny’s, signing pizza boxes for customers.

Giordano showed his gratitude by speaking to customers and signing empty pizza boxes for customers.

There is still no word on what business will move into the location, but the family says it's time to move on.