Leading social media expert says kids more social today

Despite being buried in their mobile devices, youngsters today are more social than ever before. That's the message from social media expert, best-selling author, entrepreneur and wine expert Gary Vaynerchuck.

The New Jersey native was among the first successful online entrepreneurs through his wine reviewing website TheWineLibrary.com started in 2006. 

Parents, which Vaynerchuck is one himself, shouldn't be worried about the mobile obsession of the current younger generation. In fact, Vaynerchuck says children are more social than their parents.

"They have a better social index than you do and then they meet (those contacts)," says Vaynerchuck.

Considering that young people - and adults, too- find themselves engrossed in their mobile devices, Vaynerchuck believes it's a new way of communicating with an even broader reach.

For those parents who feel their children are wasting time online, Vaynerchuck says there is opportunity to capitalize on social media knowledge.

Take for instance those who want to sell products online and launch a successful business, Vaynerchuck says Instagram and Snapchat are the mediums to delve into.

"I think it's the next frontier for people out there," said Vaynerchuck.

The most important thing, says the online whiz, know your product.

"Understand what you’re selling; be good at what you do first and then market," said Vaynerchuck.