Lawyer: ex-police chief may be linked to Gilgo Beach murders

An escort on Long Island is linking a disgraced former police chief to the string of unsolved murders at Gilgo Beach. The escort thinks the ex-cop should be considered a suspect. But is it true?

Leeanne has worked as an escort in Suffolk County for the last six years. On Thursday, she sat next to the attorney representing the family of Shannan Glibert, one of the victims of the at least 10 unsolved Gilgo Beach murders. She told a story about a party in Oak Beach in August 2011 during the Gilgo Beach investigation at which she encountered then Suffolk County Police Chief James Burke. She said that as they were talking, Burke rubbed his hand up her leg and she believed he wanted sex.

Leanne's signed affidavit connects for the first time Burke, Oak Beach, and prostitution, which attorney John Ray believes should allow him to interview Burke under oath after years of speculation that the former cop avoided helping the FBI find the Gilgo Beach killer or killers.

At the party, Leanne said that Burke, whom she saw snort cocaine, led her to a bathroom where they started to have sex but he couldn't consummate the act. According to Leanne, Burke then grew aggressive and forced her to perform oral sex on him.

In a statement, Burke's attorney called Leanne's story "tabloid journalism" and her allegations "false" and "slanderous."

Leeanne estimated the former police chief gave her $300 to $400 for 15 minutes of sex.

While the investigation into the Gilgo Beach murders was underway at the time, she said she heard nothing from Burke or anyone else at the party about the case. She said Burke liked to choke her.

Leanne said she is willing to take a lie-detector test.

A judge sentenced Burke to nearly four years in prison for attempting to cover up his assault of a man who stole a bag containing sex toys and his service weapon from his car.