Lawmaker shouts at Gov. Cuomo during State of the State

A state assemblyman known for tense relationships even with members of his own party tried to shout down Gov. Andrew Cuomo during the State of the State address on Wednesday.

A few minutes into Cuomo's speech, Assemblyman Charles Barron, a Democrat of Brooklyn, shouted over the governor, who responded: "Everybody heard you; everybody saw you." Barron kept shouting, so Cuomo asked him to stop and sit down and wait for his turn.

When Barron didn't stop, Cuomo continued his speech, steadily building volume and said: "We refused to be intimidated; we refused to be shouted down."

"Just because you yell, doesn't mean you're right," Cuomo said to applause. "And just because you stand doesn't mean you're correct."

Barron then left the hall. He said he planned the interruption, the AP reported. Barron said Cuomo is a "hypocrite."