‘Lap of Love’ veterinarians offer in-home euthanasia to give a final farewell in a place of comfort

The worst thing about our dogs and cats is that they don’t live nearly as long as we’d want, wish, or hope for. There is a local organization that can step in when that time comes and make it the most peaceful and loving process all from your lap.

"I honestly wish that everyone did something that they got thanked for every day,” Dr. Dani McVety told FOX 13. “Very few people in this world that get thank-yous for everything that they do. Imagine if the person who bagged your groceries got a hug and a ‘thanks.’”

Dr. McVety knew she wanted to be a veterinarian when she was little but it was where she found her calling was after the death of one of her dogs.

“We took her to a very nice clinic,” she recalled, “and the euthanasia was done very well but it still wasn't what I wanted it to be. Again, even though the experience was good. It just wasn't everything it could have been.”

Among other motivating factors, Dr. McVety started Lap of Love’s veterinary hospice and in-home euthanasia.

The team of more than 130 vets in around 30 states will come to the home and put your animal to sleep.

"Pets navigate this world by smell more than they do by sight,” McVety said. “More of their brain is dedicated to that. So for them to be in their own surroundings, in their own bed, with their own smells...I just believe, and from my experience, that it keeps them much more calm.” 

FOX 13 was with the Villarini family the day they said their final farewell to Rocky, their Jack Russell terrier.


“It’s an honor to do this,” McVety said. “We love being a part of this memory. We love offering something that we might not be able to get anywhere else. Even if you do a peaceful euthanasia in a clinic, it might be beautiful and peaceful and great. But to have it done in the home is the most peaceful experience and the most peaceful environment that anyone including our animals can have.”

For McVety, her days are filled with tissues and tears, but when her head hits the pillow every night, she knows she’s making a difference.

“It’s the most raw thing you could ever experience – that you can have as a doctor – to visualize that, to witness that, and you get to see every piece of their life,” she said. “You witness the ending of this. You’re not only losing a pet but losing a person. To me, it is the most honorable thing I could ever do as a veterinarian.” 

LINK: You can learn more about the Lap of Love and the veterinary services provided by heading over to the organization's website.


(Lap of Love)