Lady Gaga wows halftime show, dedicates performance to those who felt ‘unwanted'

Lady Gaga knows how to put on a show.  She was full of energy, sang, danced, played piano, and flew across the stage during the Super Bowl halftime show.

She performed a number of her hits and started off her performance on the top of the stadium with a rendition of “God Bless America” and “This Land is Your Land” with drones llit up to look like stars. Lady Gaga then jumped off the ceiling into the center stadium, of course with a harness.

Her set list included hit songs such “Poker Face,” “Born This Way,” “Telephone,” and “Just Dance.” She then calmed the mood with her latest hit, “Million Reasons” while playing piano and having the audience around her hold up lights. She ended her performance with “Bad Romance” then dropped the microphone, caught a football, and dropped into the audience.

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She went through a few outfit changes, starting off with a silver body suit, and then added a gold spiked blazer during “Just Dance.” During a little dance interlude, she changed into an outfit that resembled the football uniform, wearing white shoulder pads.

Before the game, she took a tour of the field, and snapped a selfie.

Talking about her performance in an interview with Michael Strahan, she said “I have an opportunity with this performance to show a different part of the country -- Where people who think they’re different from me and my fans will see that we’re all the same.”

Before her performance, Lady Gaga took to Instagram thanking her fans and also let everyone know the 13 minute set will be just her, with no guest performers. “I dedicate every second to the love, diversity, compassion, and wild spirit of our fan base. To that kid who felt unwanted, or the grown up who remembers how hard it was to find acceptance. This is for you. It is also for those whose hearts and minds have opened to our message.”