Meet Captain Kirk: The 94-year-old DJ rocking the senior center on Long Island

Kirk Johnson is a hit at the Spangle Drive Senior Center in North Babylon. 

Johnson who goes by Captain Kirk when he’s in the DJ booth plays for seniors here for two hours every Wednesday. They shake it off, but Taylor Swift isn’t part of the set.

"I play country western, doo-wop, swing, calypso, Latin," he said.

The 94-year-old is the self-proclaimed oldest DJ in the world, but he’s newer to the hobby. He was a school bus driver until the ripe age of 91. While retirement would be the next move for many, Captain Kirk chose a career change.

"You can't stop this man," Johnson’s wife, Paula Scalise said. 

The Long Island native and Korean War veteran caught on quickly.

"I didn’t know anything about a computer, I didn’t even know what a laptop looked like," he said. "I watch these people dance, having fun, that’s all I want to do."

Captain Kirk volunteers his time here, but he is available for private events. You can also find him playing at Knights of Columbus in Seaford every Friday for happy hour. 

As for Captain Kirk’s advice, he said keep doing what you want to do and don't let anything stop you.

He’ll be 95 in August and plans to rock toward triple digits.