Kids to Alpharetta firefighters: Didn't know 'old people' played basketball

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Credit: Alpharetta Department of Public Safety/Facebook

Some Alpharetta firefighters let off some steam in a friendly game of basketball against some local kids, who said they were unaware “old people” played basketball.

The Alpharetta Department of Public Safety posted images of the game on Facebook, showing the crew at Station 85 playing basketball with some young kids in the neighborhood.

The post said that some young kids approached the crew, asking if they could use their court to shoot basketball. Instead, the crew challenged them to a game. The kids accepted, but apparently didn't know the "old people" had years more experience on the court.

“The 85 crew, consisting of world renown and infamous Terminator Turner, Rainmaker Seabolt, and Shaq Robinson, educated our future generation that age can be a virtue and should not be taken lightly!,” the caption read.

The game was a success for both teams, and the firefighters are looking forward to a rematch, the post said.

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