Kasich: I'm the only one who can win in Nov.

On the day he picked up the endorsement of the NY Daily News ahead of the NY Primary on Tuesday, Gov. John Kasich of Ohio made his case as to why he should be the President of the United States to New Yorkers during Good Day New York.

While he seems very optimistic, critics say Kasich, who is in third place in the polls behind rivals Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz, is simply trying to take away votes from front runner Trump.

"Nobody has enough votes going into the convention," said Kasich. "If it's Trump or Cruz we're going to get killed in the fall.  If I'm the only person who can beat Hillary why wouldn't I run?"

So far, Kasich has only won one primary or caucus, his home state of Ohio.

"An independent group did the electoral college yesterday and they all lose and I win. In some of these primaries they don't perceive me as conservative as they like," said Kasich.

Kasich acknowledges that he has to win more delegates and will ultimately come out victorious during a very possible contested Republican convention.

"But we're not worried about it. I'm going to accumulate delegates. The delegates decide at the convention," said Kasich.

On a lighter note, Kasich joked about his food faus pas in New York as he campaigned, including putting a sandwich down in a way that is superstitiously considered bad luck and eating pizza with a fork.

"I think I have atoned for those sins," Kasich laughed.  "The quality and quantity of food that I have eaten...one of the things I've got to tell you about New York, I love New York."