Michael DeAngelo, man accused of Massapequa crash that killed 4, has bail revoked

On Wednesday, a judge revoked bail for a Long Island man accused of causing a horrifying car crash that left four members of a single family dead last month. 

For Tasheba Hamilton-Huntley, the heartbreak of burying her four family members, who were on their way to get ice cream to celebrate their father's new job, will never go away.

"This is forever and that’s the impact that this on my life and the impact it should on this," she said.

Authorities say that Michael DeAngelo, 32, was going 120 mph on Sunrise Highway in Massapequa when he crashed into a minivan carrying Patrice Huntley and three members of Huntley's family, including a 6-year-old girl.


Driver who killed father, 2 kids, was high while speeding over 120 mph, police say

Police say Michael DeAngelo was driving 120 mph, under the influence of cocaine and fentanyl, when he slammed into multiple cars, killing three and critically injuring two others.

Prosecutors say 32-year-old DeAngelo had fresh track marks on his arms and hands along with fentanyl and cocaine in his system when the crash happened. 

"I don’t want anyone for a moment to think Michael, his family, and loved ones aren’t remorseful - this is a horrible, tragic event," said his attorney Karl Seman.

DeAngelo who has two prior DWI-related offenses pleaded not guilty to charges including aggravated vehicular homicide. And now new reports in court revealed police responded to his home in Lindenhurst twice in the five days leading up to the crash. He was arrested for drug possession and also treated for an overdose - when revived he allegedly tried to run from police.

Caiore Lee was supposed to go with her dad but had work.

"To take away a family and sit there and not have any remorse or an apology makes me shake and me nauseous," she said. "I don’t know how I’ll feel in 20 to 30 years when I have my first child and my dad isn’t there."

DeAngelo is being held without bail. His next court date is October 19. He faces a maximum of 25 years in prison if found guilty, but officials say that’s not nearly enough time when a family will spend the rest of their lives without their loved ones.

"Whether you kill two people or 22 people the sentence is the same," said Nassau District Attorney Anne Donnelly. "I think we should have the option to give the judge the option of sentencing him to what they see fit."