Juanes' Central Park SummerStage concert canceled due to overcrowding

Latin superstar Juanes took the SummerStage in Central Park on Wednesday night, but after just two songs, the concert was halted due to "excessive crowds."

"The pressure and the intensity was very evident when upon arriving to the scene outside, before making it into the venue," said Billboard reporter Isabela Raygoza. 

According to Raygoza, who was at the show, getting into the venue was a nightmare, especially with thousands of people trying to force their way in.

"Outside they didn't have the proper measures for security. So, I think a group of people stampeded inside the venue, so they knocked down a fence and obviously that compromises the safety of people that are already inside," Raygoza said.

In a Twitter message to fans, Juanes apologized saying he’s sad, but that security comes first.

In a statement, Summerstage tells us that there were 5,000 people inside the venue last night with another 12,000 trying to get in. They say they stopped it out of an abundance of caution. This is the first time in three decades, they’ve canceled a show for a non-weather-related issue.