John 'Junior' Gotti's wife, daughter charged after basketball game brawl

The wife and daughter of John "Junior" Gotti are facing assault charges after a brawl at a high school basketball game on Long Island.

Gotti's wife, Kimberly, and daughter, Gianna, were arrested after getting into a fight at a game between Oyster Bay and Locust Valley on Thursday night at a game where Gotti's son, Joseph, was playing.

According to court documents, the alleged victim claims she asked Kimberly and Gianna to stop calling the players expletives. She then claims she was punched and had her wig ripped off.

However, Gotti's lawyer, Gerard Marrone, disputes the claim, saying that the alleged victim was the aggressor and was picking on Joseph.

Both Kimberly and Gianna were released without bail and the judge ordered them to stay away from the alleged victim.

The pair are due back in court next month.