Bomb scare causes evacuation at JFK Airport terminal

Travelers were briefly evacuated from JFK Airport on Sunday morning due to a bomb scare in one of the airport's terminals.

Photos and videos posted to social media show hundreds of travelers standing outside the airport, waiting to be allowed back inside as police vehicles arrived on the scene.

Due to the incident, arrivals and departures at Terminal 4 were temporarily closed to inbound traffic.

Within an hour of the initial evacuation, the airport announced that the security incident had been cleared and arrival and departure roadways had reopened.

The holiday weekend has seen plenty of disruptions at airports across the nation, with over 10,000 flights canceled. 

AAA predicts 47.9 million people will travel between Friday and Monday, and about 3.55 million of those will fly. Delta Air Lines even took the unusual step this week of warning travelers that there could be problems over the holiday weekend.

The airline also reportedly offered passengers $10,000 to get off an overbooked flight from Michigan to Minnesota earlier this week.