JetBlue warns of social media scam

If you are planning a last-minute getaway, JetBlue Airways wants you to beware of a scam. The airline tweeted:

JetBlue says if you get a $500 JetBlue gift card in your email or social media account, ignore it. It is not real.

And a fake JetBlue Airways Facebook page is offering free flights for an entire year to 800 lucky fans.

JetBlue posted this on the real Facebook page:

Travel expert Pauline Frommer is the editorial director for Frommer's travel books.

"Scammers go phishing -- they come looking for you, and legitimate travel enterprises don't need to try so hard to get your business," she says. "If you get an email out of the blue, if you get a social media request out of the blue from a travel company, it's probably a scam."

Fox 5 reached out to JetBlue, which directed us to the Facebook page. The airline did not say how many people may have been taken in by this scam. If it happens to you, report it to Facebook and the airline, which are monitoring the situation.