JetBlue makes dancer change shorts before flight

Some shorts don't fly. That's what the JetBlue flight crew told a Seattle burlesque dancer who goes by the name Maggie McMuffin as she tried to hop a flight back home from Boston.

Maggie -- seen in a photo wearing a pair of black and white thigh high socks with the matching shorts in question -- was told she couldn't board the plane until she changed clothes.

In a statement explaining the decision a JetBlue spokeswoman writes: "The gate and onboard crew discussed the customer's clothing and determined that the burlesque shorts may offend other families on the flight."

Maggie eventually was able to buy a pair of pajama pants at the airport and board her flight. She says she had no issues on the first leg of the trip, which began at JFK Airport and then to Boston. She claims what it's really all about is misogyny and body-shaming.

After all,- we have seen worse haven't we?

As a gesture of goodwill and for the hassle of having to change, JetBlue reimbursed Maggie for the cost of new pants and gave her a credit for a future JetBlue flight. But all Maggie says she really wanted was an apology.