Jersey Shore pizzeria makes NYC-style water

For a good pie, Debbie Calouro says you can't go wrong with Denino's Pizzeria in Brick, New Jersey. The Brooklyn native says it's not the sauce, not the cheese—it's the water. But this location is on the Jersey Shore.

So what are they doing? Using  a filtering system called New York WaterMaker, which does exactly what it says.

NewYork WaterMaker CEO Paul Errigo says his company's machine matched local water to the molecular characteristics of actual New York City water. The device also has a full disinfection system to ensure that the water being used in pies, bagels, bread or any cooking is safe and pure.

Denino's owners used to drive the water in daily from their Staten Island store before they got the New York WaterMaker. Nervously, they gave it a shot. Owner Mike Burke says the true test is if the customers noticed a difference. He says no one noticed anything was different.