Jersey Devil sightings?

It must be getting close to Halloween.  There have been two separate "sightings" of the infamous Jersey Devil reported by New Jersey websites.

A video that was sent to Weird N.J. purports to show a winged creature flying through a dusk sky off of Old Port Republic Rd. in Leeds Point.

The video shows what looks like a stuffed animal with flapping wings go from the left side of the screen to the right side. posted a photo of a winged, goat-like "creature" with horns captured mid-flight.  Dave Black of Little Egg Harbor Township claims that he thought it was a llama  until it spread its wings and flew over the golf course.

The legend of the mythical creature date back to the 1700s and are traced back to the Leeds family of Galloway Township.  There are varying stories of its origin.

Watch video of the latest "sighting" from Weird NJ: