Jennifer Hudson headlines charter school rally

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Actress and singer Jennifer Hudson is headlining the pro-charter school rally in downtown Brooklyn Wednesday, Octotber 7, 2015. (FOX 5 NY)

Actress and singer Jennifer Hudson is one of tens of thousands of people taking part in a pro-charter school rally Wednesday in downtown Brooklyn. The massive crowd began to gather early in the morning around Cadman Plaza to urge the de Blasio administration to end what organizers say is education inequality and support the growth of charter schools as an alternative.

The Families for Excellent Schools say black and Hispanic students are confined to a second-class system of the city's worst performing schools.

The throng was awash in red T-shirts bearing the slogan, "I Fight to End Inequality."

Some participants waved red flags.

The rally included many children and parents from the Success Academy charter school network.


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