Japanese-style burgers on rice 'buns'

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A traditional burger is slapped on a bun. It's the one element we don't think much about. But at Yonekichi on East 9 Street, the burgers are on rice, there are no buns at all.

The owner invited me inside to see how a rice burger is made. For the salmon version, first, the fish goes on the grill, then the rice, which is brushed with soy sauce.

A shiso leaf, pickled dikon radish and a drizzle of miso sauce, and voila -- it's done. There are lots of options.

Yonekichi is Japanese for "lucky rice." rice burgers are popular in japan, but new here. This place has been around for two years, and it's getting popular.

If you stick around long enough you'll see a line start to form.

The fries are called "furi furi," which means "to shake." They're dusted with special salts like yuzu salt or wasabi salt. Then you shake.

Most rice burgers run between $6 and$9 bucks. But a bargain is not a bargain if it isn't amazing.

Yonekichi rice burgers: a taste of japan in your hand.