It's all about the fried chicken sandwich

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Cheeseburger, make way. This summer it's all about the bird. After decades of dominance, the burger may have some competition when it comes to the best thing on a bun. Recently, the fried chicken sandwich is what everyone is talking about.

The Chicken Shack is the newest addition to cult favorite Shake Shack's menu. It is one of many standout fried chicken sandwiches to hit the city food scene this summer. Right now the Chicken Shack is only available at the chain's Brooklyn restaurants. But if its popularity is any indication, it may show up at other locations.

Shake Shack isn't the only big name getting into the chicken game.

The Monofuku empire in the East Village is offering a hot chicken sandwich of its own and it has attracted legions of fans. Fuku opened in June. Since then its Spicy Chicken Sandwich has gained star status on Instagram.

At Hill Country, the bird is no spring chicken. It has been serving it up on a sandwich all day, every day since opening five years ago. But it did step up the offerings this summer with the Wickedwich to try to edge out their competition. Hill Country Chef Charles Grund says fried chicken and summer go hand and hand. It's also a year round staple.