Is your significant other 'fingerprint-unlock' worthy?

Making a relationship "Facebook official" used to be the benchmark of a serious relationship in the digital age. But this latest trend is taking a status update to the next level and adding a few extra layers of trust.

With the rise of smartphones using biometric passcodes instead of numeric ones to unlock phones and the option to store multiple passcodes, many young couples are allowing their significant other to access their phone with the touch of a finger.

But access doesn't necessarily translate to more transparency.

"If you trust someone, you trust them. And if you look you're going to find," Lori Zaslow of Project Soulmate said. "It doesn't even matter. If someone wants to hide something they're going to."

Some people we spoke to don't have a problem with swapping passcodes at all. But what works for one couple doesn't always work out for another.

"If someone thinks getting a thumbprint is going to make them trust their partner more?" Zaslow said. "God bless the millennials."