Is the midlife crisis a myth?

The term "midlife crisis" typically describes the anxiety people experience around a milestone birthday or reaction to life changes. Many have seen it. But there are many others who do not believe there is such a thing.

Nava Silton is a psychology professor at Marymount Manhattan College. She describes the triggers that can cause the midlife anxiety: money, employment, child-rearing, and more.

Still, a number of experts say it is all a myth and that no scientific correlation exists between a man turning 50 then running out to buy a brand-new convertible.

It also appears the face of a midlife crises is no longer late 40s or 50s, Silton says. She points to the term "quarter-life crisis" hitting people in their 20s. They are worried about their rent, being financially independent, what profession to pursue, what intimate relationships to have, and more.

Whether you believe midlife or quarter-life crises do happen, either talk to an expert about your anxiety or find some other way to cope.