Is pumpkin and turkey shortage a bit overblown?

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The sign at one supermarket in northern New Jersey warns of a turkey shortage. Similar reports are coming from other retailers and restaurants. The reason? An outbreak of avian flu, a virus, that killed off 7 percent of our turkey supply. So economists say that means buying that tom will cost you some extra bills this season.

Prices for wholesale turkey breast hit an all-time high this week of $5.80 a pound. And the cost of frozen turkeys is up 17 percent. If you're ready for more bad news: pumpkin pie could be in jeopardy, too. Too much rain in the Midwest choked off the supply of sugar pumpkins, which make that pumpkin filling that comes in cans.
Tribeca Treats owner Rachel Thebault said she is getting ahead of the curve and ordering early. What does all this mean for Thanksgiving? Libby's -- the nation's largest distributor of canned pumpkin -- says supply could be a little bit tight so you might want to get your supplies early. As for turkeys, industry experts say we have nothing to worry about.

Aside from beating the crowds, just one more reason to head to the grocery store early get all the trimmings while supplies last.