Iraq vet reunited with rescued pup

A man and his dog were reunited this week, after being separated for months. 

"Peanut," a nine-month-old shepherd mix, landed in Orlando on Tuesday and was greeted by her owner.  Their meeting had been delayed, while SPCA-International and Operation Baghdad Pups worked to transport the dog from Iraq to the United States.
One month after Jonathan Lewis had been deployed to Iraq, he found and fell in love with the puppy.   He knew his dog would make the trip home eventually, saying “where there's a will there's a way.”    
“She was brown and had a black stripe on her neck, and she was just so small, I decided to call her 'Peanut,'” he said.

But when he left Iraq, she had to stay behind. With an uncertain political outlook, it took a lot of special planning and a little bit of luck to bring "Peanut" to America. Lewis said it’s the best option for his barking battle buddy.
“There's a lot of strays there, so most of them are very frail and weak in the summer time because it's so hot and finding food and water over there it's pretty difficult for them.”
Lewis now plans to spend quality time with one of man’s “most-traveled” best friends.