Iranian artist brings caricatures to New York

An exhibit is set to open In New York from an artist many thought would never make it to the United States. Not only does she come from a Muslim country, but one that is on the travel ban.

Nasrin Sheykhi's journey to New York is an improbable one. Even in her native Iran, as a caricaturist, she was the target of an unwelcome government. Then she applied for a visa to come to the United States. But with Iran on the list of predominantly Muslim countries on the travel ban, a reasonable person might think it impossible.

But 8 months ago, she was granted not just an artist visa but a green card. She said she packed up and came to the U.S. a week later.

What Nasrin also packed was her love for art and caricatures—from capturing James Brown's electric energy to Amy Winehouse and the punishing lifestyle she chose to live. But a caricature of President Trump on a large frame led to a delay of Narin's entry into the country.

Nasrin believes she ultimately was granted a visa and green card because of her abilities as an artist. She submitted 400 pages of supporting documents.

And her work has swayed a lot of minds. For instance, her art dealer was working in real estate and switched careers once he saw her work.

Nasrin doesn't have an American dream per se. She is just happy to be here. Currently living in Philadelphia, she hopes her exhibit on Tuesday night opens the doors for her to move to New York.