Investigation into rat bag contract with NYC

Questions are being raised about the $5.9 million purchase by the City of New York of rodent repellent bags made by a company that donated $100,000 to Mayor Bill de Blasio's now defunct fundraising non-profit, Campaign for One New York.

Federal and state investigators are scrutinizing the deal, reported the NY Post.

Joseph Dussich was given a $15,000 no-bid contract with the Parks Department last year to supply Mint-X bags on a three-month trial basis.

Mint-X later lost the bigger bid to supply the city the bags for ongoing use.

But, according to the Post, Mint-X still came out a winner because the winning bidder--Central Poly--had an agreement with Dussich to buy his Mint-X bags and resell them to the city.

The bags, which smell like mint to some and BenGay (pain relief cream) to others, are making some Parks Dept. workers sick.

They're  complaining about nausea because the smell is too strong.

Mint-X claims it is the "world's only EPA-registered, rodent-repelling trash bag."