Internet outraged over fake high heels for babies

A company called Pee Wee Pumps is marketing high heels for infants.  They're supposed to be funny and cute but, of course, there are critics.  Some claim that they are sexualizing children.

The shoes are not made for walking.  The heel is not solid and folds in.  Frankly, how many 0-6 month old babies can walk?

The shoes have been around since 2014 but they got a recent spike in attention thanks to a U.K. watchdog group called Let Clothes be Clothes.  It claims the pumps send a bad message and sexualize infant girls the same way ear piercings or bikinis do.

Mom blogger Lyss Stern says critics need to get a grip and the heels pose no physical danger to a child.  She says that the Let Clothes be Clothes crew needs to let parents be parents.

In a statment Pee Wee Pumps founder Michelle Holbrook writes:  "I a a mother first and foremoast and I would never endanger a child in any way.  Pee Wee Pumps are considered by most people to be a photo prop just as tuts, headbands or lacy rompers that parents also use in photo shoots."

The statement goes on to say:  "People are in entitled to their option so I just have to accept that people are either going to love them or hate them.  People need to see them for what they really are and that is a photo prop and get a good laugh out of it."