Insurance issue keeps boy trapped at hospital for months

Five year old Luis and two year old Rafael are  squirming with excitement.    Big brother ...Six year old... Gian Raul has finally returned home from the hospital.

Gian's family welcomed him by decorating his wheelchair  for Christmas and lining  the hallway leading to their  apartment door with a red carpet and balloons.

This  sweet homecoming has been  four months in the making. Gian's mother Denise Olivo said, "I am just grateful to have my son back."

Fox 5 first introduced you to this family in September shortly after they had relocated to New York from California. During that time Gian had to be hospitalized for anemia.

It set off a chain of events that would take four months to unravel.  At first,  Gian's father paid for the hospital with private insurance. Gian was still not approved for a Medicaid waiver, something he needs for Medicaid insurance to cover around the clock in home nursing care without the care in place the hospital could not discharge him.

Gian's mother posted her frustrations on  social media.

After Fox 5 aired a story about Gian Raul's problems, Westchester County social services approved the much needed Medicaid waiver.

It should have meant Gian Raul would come home in September.  But  there was another hitch with the insurance company.

So  months went by as Gian Raul's mother tried to get answers.

And so did we and after Fox 5 ran a follow up story things started to move more quickly.

Gian's mother said, "I'm really really excited really happy that i have my boys all my boys.  Four months to be without your child."

Gian Raul is wheelchair bound with  a breathing and feeding tube.  He is non-verbal but you can see he knows how to communicate especially when he's at home with his younger brothers.

His father said, "He's super excited you can tell  he's glad he's home."