Instagram photographers document New York City

Just when you think you've seen all there is to see in New York, an Instagrammer comes along and blows your mind.

Instagrammer Bill Bernal (@nycfotophun) is one of them has been capturing the city from his own unique vantage point.

For Instagramer Jennifer Khordi, who posts as @jkhordi , her lens has opened a whole new world.  She says it's made her notice new things she would never notice.

She spent a year plotting the perfect time to capture the moon as it crossed the top of the torch on the Statue of Liberty.

Instagrammer Brandon Taoka (@brandontaoka) also approaches his photos with a technical level of precision.  He were with with drug discovery for a pharmaceutical company notices parallels between his job and his hobby.  He says there is a lot of mathematical calculations in taking his photos.

These three photographers share a lot of their work with Fox 5 by tagging their photos with #fox5ny.  If you would like your photos featured, feel free to do the same thing.