Inside Good Housekeeping's Wellness Lab

The Good Housekeeping Institute has added a brand new lab dedicated to wellness.

Laurie Jennings, the Director of the Good Housekeeping Institute gave me a tour of the brand new space. It’s called the Good Housekeeping Wellness Lab Powered by Elysium Health, and Laurie says it’s where they’ll be testing all of their wellness trends and products, from sound machines to essential oils.

With yoga mats, Laurie says, they tested for ease of use, weight, and materials. They sent the mats out to consumers to see how they performed in actual yoga classes and asked some basic questionslike: do they slip? Do they have innovative features?

One of the totally innovative and new mats, from Backslash fit, rolls itself up and comes with an Amazon Alexa appto guide you through a yoga class.

The Wellness Lab itself, is designed to be calming and soothing. Laurie says they went with natural tones and textures, using calming colors and hits of nature. There’s even a meditation room, that employees can use.

Good Housekeeping partnered on the lab with Elysium Health, a New York based company, that Laurie says, is really cuttingedge when it comes to dietary supplements.

Laurie says they’ve focused on what they call “health span,” which is not just about living longer, but living healthierlonger.

It’s all part of a rapidly growing wellness industry, that has found its way into every lab in the Good Housekeeping Institute.

So, they decided, it was time for wellness, a $4.7 trillion business globally, to have a space of its own.