Inside Arcadia Earth art exhibit

Arcadia Earth, a new art exhibit in Lower Manhattan, is inspiring change one interactive installation at a time. 

The walls swap sheetrock for sustainable artwork, encouraging people to see, smell, and feel their way through each of the exhibit’s fifteen rooms via virtual and augmented reality.

The unique vision came to life thanks to founder Valentino Vettori’s passion to fulfill a greater purpose.

"We created this app that you can use and animate each room with messages, animals, and actually bring nature to life," Vettori explains.

Every room draws attention to a different environmental issue and is decorated with educational panels that teach people how small lifestyle changes can lead to a lasting impact.

One room, for instance, speaks to the issue of deforestation.

More than 50-thousand acres of forest, an area roughly three-and-a-half times the size of Manhattan, are lost every single day due to human agriculture.

At the end of the journey traveling through virtual coral reefs. rainforests, and grasslands, visitors can shop for sustainable alternatives to everyday products.

Vettori hopes that patrons will leave with a bigger appreciation and understanding of the world around them, and the desire to help make a difference.

"As long as I impact everyone that comes inside, or most of them, then my mission is accomplished," he adds.