Innovative hair-loss treatment

It might not be as common but hair loss for women is just as tough to deal with. Dr. Misbah Khan in New York City is one of the very few doctors across the country who offers a brand-new form of treatment that uses amniotic tissue.

When Jasmin Irrizarry was 30 years old she was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder. That was also when she began losing her hair. Now she visits Dr. Khan for the first-of-its-kind procedure. It takes just about an hour. It is non-surgical and the results are immediate.

Here is how it works.

First, the patient's blood is drawn. It then goes into a centrifuge that separates the blood's platelets, which have growth compounds. Those platelets are then mixed with amniotic tissue, which is rich in stem cells, a plasma-like substance that's then injected into the patient's top layer of scalp.

The procedure does two things. First, it drastically slows down hair loss within a matter of days, sometimes even after your first shampoo. Then once shedding is reduced, the growth of hair can take over. Dr. Khan says regrowth takes about a year.

So now let's talk cost. How does the price of this procedure compare with a traditional hair transplant? (Especially since neither is covered by health insurance.) While the average hair transplant can run you about $20,000, Dr. Kahn's treatment, typically done twice a year, is normally $7,000.

While anyone can get the procedure, she recommends it for those who are just beginning to lose their hair or who aren't candidates for a hair transplant. 

Jasmin is one of those patients. And she says she is looking forward to getting that crown back.