Imagine a 'Lowline' park under New York

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Walking through this lush greenery underground, you would think you're in a park or garden. They're even growing pineapples. What the creators hope to do is turn this into the city's first underground park. How would you like to escape from the busy streets of New York to this nature oasis underground? It's called the Lowline. Plans are to build it in an old underground trolley station on the Lower East Side that has been unused since 1948. 

Founders James Ramsey and Dan Barasch are experimenting with the idea right now with their indoor solar technology lab on Essex Street. They're using solar panels to harness the sun's light by sending it through tubes into the building, enabling plants and trees to grow.

The same science would be used in sustaining the city's first underground park. Ramsey and Barasch hope to break ground on it in the next five years. In the meantime, The Lowline Lab is free and open to the public every weekend through March so that you can experience a real urban jungle.